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. the latest headlines on this is a congressional candidate named john coster who was caught on tape at a fund-raiser this weekend. >> the rape thing, you know, i know a woman who was raped and kept the child, gave it up for adoption and doesn't regret it. how does -- how does putting more violence on to a woman's body and taking the life of an innocent child that's a consequence of this crime, how does that make it better? >> koster's campaign claims the tape was, quote, edited. we asked them exactly how. they thought the tape was edited in some way. but we have yet to get a response. plus, on their website it says, he very clearly and honestly stated his thoughts on an extremely sensitive subject. he has nothing to be ashamed of here. in fact, it seem ts like a lot of republicans feel they have nothing to be ashamed about. 13 gop senate candidates agree that the government should force a woman to have her rapist baby against their will, one of them todd akin in missouri, was ostracized after his comments about legitimate rape but now his state party and perhaps even national republicans that
in pennsylvania. pennsylvania has been fool's gold for years. john mccain went there at the end of the campaign last time. george w. bush went there at the end of the campaign in 2004. in the end, i think, they can't crack ohio and because they can't crack ohio, they've got to look somewhere else. they are looking are to pennsylvania, minnesota. i don't think they are going to win either of those states. >> now, the campaign's closing argument, we keep talking about closing arguments but they sound very similar to the opening arguments. listen to this. >> i'll lead america to a better place. this is not a time for america to settle. we're four days away from a fresh start. four days away from the fresh day of a new beginning. >> america has always done best when everybody has a fair shot and everybody is doing their fair share and everybody is playing by the same rules. that's what we believe. that's why you elected me in 2008 and that's why i'm running for second term as president of the united states of america. >> so we're still basically talking about fairness and about a new direction? >>
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)